1 EX300 | Rx infotech


– 300Mbps Wi-Fi Speed
– Flexible Wall-Plug Design
– One-touch Wireless Secure Extension
– Individual Power Switch
– Advanced Security
– Wireless Adapter Working Mode

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EX300 is a 2.4G wireless range extender which is designed to expand your existing wireless network signals and coverage. Users can extend their wireless network simply by pressing the WPS button on device and router in two minutes. So that more wireless devices are able to access Internet simultaneously, such as iPads, iPods, Notebooks, Smart Phones, Game Consoles and TV. With two antennas, EX300 ensures high transfer rate with stable signal. Generally, it can effectively meet users’ demands for wireless Internet access on hard-to-reach areas.

300Mbps Wi-Fi Speed
EX300 supports advanced 802.11n standard and backwards compatible with 802.11b/g, it provides 300Mbps wireless data transmission rate with reliable Wi-Fi connection.
Flexible Wall-Plug Design
With wall-plugging design and compact size, EX300 provides replaceable plug types to help you save space and is applicable for global countries.
One-touch Wireless Secure Extension
Simply press the WPS button on both EX300 and wireless router, secure home Wi-Fi connection can be established quickly to extend the coverage of your existing wireless network.
Individual Power Switch
 The additional power ON/OFF switch in the side simplifies power control, no need to unplug the device from outlet, which is more useful and power-saving.
Advanced Security
The easy WPS connection always adopts the most advanced WPA/WPA2 (TKIP/AES) encryption to secure your wireless extension. users needn’t worry about being occupied by unauthorized users.
Wireless Adapter Working Mode
 EX300 provides one Ethernet port to connect with your wired devices, such as Internet TV, Blue-ray players, working as a wireless adapter.