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Installer APP

LigoWave’s Wireless Installer App is a handy application designed to simplify and speed up the wireless link installation process for engineers working in the field.  It was developed for Android based handheld devices and intended to be used with  LigoWave products however a majority of the available functions can be used with 3rd party equipment as well.
Wireless Installer App provides the following aids:

  • Finding the direction of a remote site / device on a map
  • Showing of the exact location of a remote device using an integrated camera in the phone or tablet
  • Reporting wireless link signal levels as audible signal coming from the handheld device (in a noisy areas a Bluetooth handset is recommended)
  • Measuring link performance throughput and PPS), testing with different packet sizes
  • Configuring basic parameters required for link establishment
  • Multiple options to import the coordinates: WNMS, LinkCalc, Google Earth (kmz file) and manual.
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