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WNMS Mobile

WNMS Mobile is an Android based client application for devices monitored by a WNMS (Wireless Network Management System) server. WNMS Mobile is designed for network operating center coordinators, maintenance staff, and support engineers. It identifies network and node problems and can delegate a responsible person to resolve the issues quickly. This WNMS client program provides mobile convenience and also reduces the company’s operating expense.
WNMS mobile version 1.0 does the following:

  • Lists the availability of networks and devices
  • Marks each device location on a map
  • Registers the devices into WNMS. The application can use the coordinates from the Android device
  • Lists all devices alerts
  • Allows ToDo list for each user
  • Notifies the responsible person through push notification service when a task is assigned, reassigned, completed or rejected
  • Provides flexible data filtering capabilities
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